Bad Inset

I’ve clipped this from a blog. I think it’s quite inspirational

At the beginning of this term we had an inset day. I had hoped it would be a day when we all sat together in the hall, discussing strategies for improvement. The best practitioners in the room would share their wisdom while the rest of us would nod admiringly and frantically scribble notes on how to become a better teacher. Coffee and cakes would be on hand at all points in case our attention began to wane and we needed a hit of sugar or caffeine; the senior leadership team would begin the morning not with a PowerPoint presentation (gasp) but with an off-the-cuff, from-the-heart, passionate speech about what hard-working, conscientious and effective teachers we all are before segueing beautifully into telling us to have an hour to chat about our best lesson this term. No one would mention the words Ofsted or outstanding.

The focus would be entirely on the students we teach, all of them, not just the ones that Ofsted want us to be interested in, and how to improve their experience. By the end of the day, we would have forgotten the stack of marking on our desks, the reports we still had to write by the end of Friday, and our imminent monitoring visit from HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools). We would be enthused, buzzing and excited about teaching again.


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